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Welcome to Circle M BBQ

Whole hog, hickory smoked BBQ

Circle M BBQ is a family-owned and -operated restaurant in Liberty, South Carolina. Circle M was established in 1992 by Marion Martin, who learned how to cook BBQ the old-fashioned way-- over hickory coal-- from family in South Carolina's low country over 40 years ago. Marion passed his expertise to his close friend Joey Link, who bought Circle M in November of 2020, and now Joey has taught his daughters the long lost art of whole-hog BBQ. They are carrying on the tradition of serving the same style BBQ that lead to Marion's success-- a delicious, slow-cooked, vinegar-based BBQ. You should definitely taste it before you add sauce; it will make your taste buds dance!

Dine-in to experience delicious food, friendly service and a fun, family atmosphere. Take-out is available so you can enjoy the same great food elsewhere. We also offer catering for all types of events.

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